EDU Webinar

Get 2021 Started Right with 3D Printing

Join the EDU team in our first webinar of 2021 as we help you put the right resources and printers together to create the best 3D printing classroom for the new year ahead – from setting 3D printing goals for your classroom to building students’ essential skills with 3D printing. ALSO – get a free curriculum building guide after the webinar!


On this last webinar we explored various resources to help you get through the various levels encountered when looking to adapt 3D printing into a learning environment. We’ve included below the recording of the webinar, the printers mentioned as well as a selection of the resources mentioned during the webinar:

  1. Webinar Recording
  2. TinkerCad
  3. SKETCH Classroom
  4. METHOD for Education
  5. Trend Report – 3D Printing and STEAM Education
  6. EDU Lighting Talk: Investing in Student’s Futures with Emerging Technologies
  7. Mastering TinkerCad for 3D Printing (Scroll Down)
  8. Sketch 3D Printer – Claw Project
  9. Project Planning Guide for 3D Printing
  10. 3D Printing Through Grade Levels
  11. Elevating Student Design Thinking with Industrial 3D Printing