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Streamlined 3D Printing Integration Across Districts.

Our solutions provide opportunities for every student within a district to explore and grow with 3D printing while providing every teacher with the support and resources they need to launch 3D printing successfully in the classroom.

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Fostering Skills, Fueling Futures

Equip students with practical skills in creative problem solving, digital fabrication, and give them a competitive edge in a technology-driven job market that will fuel their future success.

District-Wide 3D Printing Made Simple For Every Teacher

We believe that every teacher has the potential to be a 3D printing champion in their district. Our solutions empower educators to unleash their creativity and explore innovative teaching methods, ultimately benefiting students and the entire district.

Making District-Wide Implementation Easy

Our solutions seamlessly integrate into district-wide educational systems, simplifying implementation for administrators and ensuring that teachers can embrace 3D printing without barriers.

Fueling Students' Early Careers

Ensure your students have a jumpstart on their career paths after they leave your school. Experience with 3D printing and 21st-century technologies provides students with valuable skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, and digital literacy, skills transferable to many careers in today’s rapidly evolving job market.

Careers Students Can Take 3D Printing to

Robotics & Automation

Space Exploration

Manufacturing and Prototyping

Research & Development

Automotive and Transportation

Product development

How MakerBot Supports District Roll-Outs

Printers, Training + Classroom Management Tools, Support Every Step of the Way

Let’s hear from Montclair school district

“Reliability was obviously a big factor, we didn’t want to bring something in that would fail – but we knew we’d be successful with MakerBot.”
Dr. Joseph Putrino

Principal, Glenfield Middle School

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