MakerBot’s PRO Webcast

The PRO Workshop Tour & Virtual Lab Series

Engineering an Autonomous Robot Startup with 3D Printing

Presented with Earth Robotics + Fusion 360°

Additive manufacturing and robotics are both versatile technologies that leverage one another.
Not only does additive make it possible to achieve more complex structures it also results in lower costs and higher versatility giving engineers the flexibility to envision new ways to build the world around us. 


Part 1

Earth Robotics is a startup developing the next generation of delivery robots coming to a residential building or office near you. 

Join us and the engineers behind Earth Robotics to hear how and why 3D printing has been instrumental in everything from prototyping to producing functional Nylon Carbon Fiber parts as they develop the first level 5 autonomous robot. Get an intimate and exclusive look inside Earth Robotics and hear about the process of designing, prototyping, and manufacturing of Lu, a fully automated delivery robot designed to help with package overflow.


Part 2

On part two be ready for an in-depth CAD lab with Jason Lichtman from Autodesk Fusion 360° where he’ll guide us through the process of designing for injection molding vs designing for 3D printing. .


What you will learn about

  • *Workshop tour of one of Mattel’s lead engineers
  • *Hear about the use of A look inside Earth Roboitc’s 3D printing lab
  • *The role N12CF plays in the design and development of an autonomous robot
  • *3D printing for prototyping and end-use parts
  • *Designing for additive manufacturing for robotics
  • *Designing for 3D Printing Vs Designing for Injection Molding