UltiMaker Launches New MakerBot SKETCH Large 3D Printer for the Classroom

MakerBot SKETCH Large empowers educators and students to take their 3D printing projects and designs to the next level

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UltiMaker, a global leader in desktop 3D printing, has unveiled the new MakerBot SKETCH® Large 3D printer, the newest addition to the popular MakerBot SKETCH platform. The SKETCH platform is one of the most comprehensive 3D printing solutions for education, expanding students’ access to 3D printing, enabling them to bring their ideas to life, and setting educators up for success in the classroom.

With more 3D printing power than the standard SKETCH and just as easy to use, SKETCH Large lets educators and students explore 3D printing on a larger scale, enabling students to develop their ideas further with bigger and bolder designs. With the ability to fit up to 10 student projects on one build plate, SKETCH Large allows educators to optimize print times and focus on their priorities. The SKETCH Large makes 3D printing large or multiple projects more seamless and easier than before.

UltiMaker offers a comprehensive education ecosystem for educators and students, giving them access to a wide range of resources designed to improve learning in the classroom. This includes hundreds of pre-designed and proven projects and lesson plans for all grade levels, in-depth training through the MakerBot Certification™ programs, MakerBot CloudPrint™ which can be connected to Google Classroom, and access to a growing knowledge base on one of the largest 3D printing communities of educators on Thingiverse®.

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The SKETCH Large is available as a single unit solution or as a two-unit classroom package to support more students. Each MakerBot SKETCH Large includes:

Industry-leading 3D printer features. One (1) SKETCH Large 3D printer, which features a fully-enclosed chamber, a particulate filter, a heated and flexible build plate, touchscreen capabilities, onboard camera, material sensors, and Wi-Fi and USB capabilities.

Enough printing for an entire school semester. Compatible with MakerBot® PLA and TOUGH™ materials, SKETCH Large comes with three (3) spools of easy-to-print MakerBot PLA.

ISTE-certified 3D printer training, curriculum creation and design thinking courses. One (1) teacher license and fifteen (15) student licenses for the MakerBot Certification training programs for educators and students, which includes a comprehensive curriculum program for educators and interactive design thinking courses for students.

Free and easy-to-use cloud software with Google for Education integration. MakerBot CloudPrint, a cloud-based print preparation and classroom management application that lets educators prepare, print, manage, and monitor 3D prints easily and securely.

Access to an extensive collection of 3D printing education resources. MakerBot Education on Thingiverse, which includes access to hundreds of lesson plans and projects for all grade levels and subjects and an engaged community of educators.

Additional accessories for seamless printing. Each printer comes with one (1) extra build plate, one (1) spatula and one (1) pair of snips.

Industry-leading customer support from a team of experts.

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“Supporting 3D printing and STEAM education continues to be one of our core tenets. We believe that making 3D printing more accessible will empower students to take their creativity to the next level. With the new SKETCH Large, educators and students can amplify their ideas and designs, unfettered by the limitations of a printer,” said Nadav Goshen, CEO at UltiMaker. “But 3D printing is more than just the printer, which is why we are continuously improving our education ecosystem—one of the most comprehensive and established 3D printing solutions on the market for educators. We aim to give educators and students the tools and resources they need to unleash their creativity and unlock the possibilities in learning.”

The MakerBot SKETCH Large has been extensively tested for system reliability, subsystem, and print quality testing. With SKETCH Large’s enclosed chamber, heated build plate, integrated particulate filter, and material sensors, educators can print large projects with peace of mind.

SKETCH Large is expected to begin shipping in December.

To learn more about SKETCH Large, visit http://www.makerbot.com/sketch-large/.

About UltiMaker

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