PRO Webinar

Integrating Robotics, 3D Printing & CNC Fabrication featuring All Axis Robotics

Johan-Till Broer
Gary Kuzmin
Karl Schmidt Copy

MakerBot VP of Product Development
Johan-Till Broer

President, All Axis Robotics
Gary Kuzmin

Engineering Manager, All Axis Robotics
Cristian Almendariz

Join this webinar to learn how the All Axis Robotics engineering team uses MakerBot METHOD and real ABS material to manufacture durable and complex robotic end effectors of; altogether eliminating the need for expensive machinist time and material costs.

Why you should attend:

•   Gain a better understanding of why modern machine shops are choosing 3D printing over CNC machining.
•   Hear how the All Axis team approaches the design and manufacture of custom tooling for a variety of applications.
•   Learn how METHOD-specific hardware features including the heated build chamber and SR-30 supports allowed the All Axis team to create durable and complex custom tooling with ease

About All Axis

All Axis is a Dallas, Texas-based machine shop and leader in turnkey custom robot solutions for other machine shops and manufacturing facilities in need of automated machine tending.