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PRO MIND MELDING SERIES | Automotive 3D Printing and the Design Cycle: The Aston Martin CALLUM Vanquish 25

Adam Donfrancesco - Callum

Director of Engineering
Adam Donfrancesco

Creative Director
Shawn Miely

In this episode of the Pro Mind Melding Series, we are joined by Adam Donfrancesco, Director of Engineering for the design and engineering firm CALLUM. We’ll be talking about the widespread adoption of additive manufacturing in bespoke and limited-edition products, and how it has revolutionized the way vehicles are designed and customized improving efficiency, accelerating innovation, and gaining competitive advantage.

Primary Topics Covered:

Hear about the integral role that additive manufacturing had in the process of designing and building the Aston Martin CALLUM Vanquish 25.

Featured Topics

  • *The process of designing and building the Aston Martin
  • *How 3D printing is revolutionizing how vehicles are designed today
  • *What the design thinking process looks like in the automotive industry