PRO Webinar

PRO Webcast Series | How the METHOD Modular Extruder Platform Works

Speaker, Felipe Castaneda

Pro Segment Director
Shawn Miely

Creative Director
Felipe Castaneda

In the growing world of 3D printers there seem to be two options for materials. One is to buy an expensive, purpose-built printer that is really good at printing a few materials. The other is to invest in a more affordable printer that prints in dozens of materials – but how can you be sure all of those materials will work?


Primary Topics Covered:

Join us for this episode of the PRO Webcast Series as we will talk about how the modular toolhead of the MakerBot METHOD platform provides a unique solution of optimized hardware for 3D printing in a dynamic range of materials.

Featured Topics

  • – Overview of a modular extruder platform
  • – Live Demo: How to quickly swap between toolheads
  • – MakerBot LABS and The LABS GEN 2 Experimental Extruder
  • – Q&A