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New Materials Showdown (feat. Lehvoss): Nylon vs Nylon Carbon Fiber vs PET Carbon Fiber

Speaker, Felipe Castaneda
Thiago Medeiros

Felipe Castañeda
Creative Director

Thiago Medeiros
Global Product Manager, LUVOCOM 3F

Composites are consistently the most asked about material group and we’ve got a bunch of different options both MakerBot branded and from third-party providers that work with MakerBot LABS. The newest release (and first of 2022) just happened in collaboration with Lehvoss and it includes two brand new composite materials and a new nylon to METHOD, bringing the total number of third-party verified materials in the LABS family to 30!

Join us as we put these three fresh materials to the test!


During this live material showdown, we will cover:

      • *Compare the material tech specs
      • *Guess how the materials will perform
      • *Test the same prints printed in:
      • -LUVOCOM 3F PAHT 9825 NT (Nylon)
      • -LUVOCOM PAHT CF 9891 (Nylon Carbon Fiber)
      • -LUVOCOM PET CF 9780 (PET Carbon Fiber)
      • *Discuss other variables that can affect part strength