MakerBot PRO Webcast Series

How to 3D Print Carbon Fiber with MakerBot METHOD

Carbon Fiber is one of those materials that has seemingly limitless potential with the primary limitation of it being a difficult material to work with. With 3D printing, carbon fiber becomes much more accessible to almost anyone. In 2020, we launched Nylon Carbon Fiber and Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber, and they became two of our most popular materials. We thought it would be a good time to talk all about how to 3D print with carbon fiber on METHOD.

What you will learn about

  1. – Introduction
  2. – Carbon Fiber applications and what is 3D printed Carbon Fiber
  3. – Getting started with METHOD Carbon Fiber
  4. – Nylon Carbon Fiber vs. Nylon 12 Carbon Fiber
  5. – Getting the most out of your Carbon Fiber prints 
    1. –(Part orientation, supports, and best practices)
  6. -Q&A