MakerBot Webinar

Launching into Space with 3D Printing & the James Webb Telescope

Speaker, Andrea Zermeno
Speaker, Felipe Castaneda

Andrea Zermeño
Education Manager

Felipe Castañeda
Creative Director

Join the MakerBot team as we take a look at how 3D printing and MakerBot played a role in the development of the James Webb Telescope mission carried out by NASA over the last 20+ years. We’ll jump into how 3D prints were used for crucial phases of the telescope’s developments and how the use of 3D printing has changed in space exploration over the last decade.


What we’ll cover:

      • *Get an up close look at how 3D printing is used in space exploration
      • *See the ways 3D printing was leveraged across multiple projects
      • *Find out where 3D printing and space missions will go in the future