MakerBot Webinar

Bringing Superheroes (and Halloween Characters) to Life with 3D Printing

Mask group (18)

Ramon Cruz
Senior Manager of Technical Services

Join the EDU team as we take you through the best ways students can bring superheroes and Halloween characters to life with 3D printing this Halloween. We’ll be joined by the Senior Manager of Technical Services, Ramon Cruz who will be showing us how students can use their creativity combined with 3D printing (and electronics) to make the same kind of costumes, gear and props that today’s most popular superheroes and Halloween characters wear.


What we’ll cover:

            • How to start designing a costume from scratch with 3D printing
            • Best ways to make your costumes look like the real thing – from sanding to priming and painting
            • How to get students motivated in the classroom with 3D printing and 3D design