New MakerBot Print 4.2 and MakerBot Cloud

We are happy to announce the release of MakerBot Print 4.2 with many new user-facing features along with some minor bug fixes.

MakerBot METHOD Related Features

New Specialty Material: PETG

One of the most widely used polymers today, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is commonly used for its combination of high strength and durability along with chemical and moisture resistance. PETG (G for glycol) is a specialty PET material specifically designed for 3D printing. As with all MakerBot materials, users will have a seamless workflow with auto-material detection and rigorously tuned and tested slice settings for the highest performance prints. Go buy a spool of PETG on the MakerBot website and start printing now!

Solid Print Mode for Tough Material

We noticed that many of our users are maxing out the infill density indicating to us the desire to produce highly dense/solid prints. There are many challenges with simply increasing the infill density including suboptimal print time and print quality. The MakerBot toolpath team has spent time changing the way we slice and tuning printer settings to provide users with a more refined solid print mode. Instead of breaking the slice into regions and filling each region separately, solid print mode fills the entire layer in one go increasing speed. We also tuned the shell-infill spacing and supports to improve the quality of the print.

Please keep in mind that the print time will still dramatically increase compared to Balanced Mode due to the nature of the print mode. Leverage this print mode when looking for highly dense/heavy parts instead of maxing out the infill density. Note that this print mode only works for Tough Material. Go get your Tough Material in the MakerBot store today!

MakerBot Print Solid Print Mode

Printer-agnostic Features

Improved print time estimates

In conjunction with the firmware team, we have updated the print time estimation algorithm to improve estimation accuracy for our users.

Reset for arrange, orient, and scale

Users can now reset the model to its original plating position, orientation, and scale. Click on the model(s) and select “Reset” under orient and scale to reset to the original orientation and scale. For arrange, click on “Center model” to recenter your models to the origin of the build plate. Use these features to quickly reset to your model’s original setting!

“Skip this update” option

We have a “Skip this update” option for users that need to stay in older versions of MakerBot Print.

MakerBot Cloud

MakerBot Cloud allows you to print directly from the browser – no download needed. We’ve made some major updates to give you better control over your prints. Log into your MakerBot account & get started here:

New Features

  • Scale & rotate your model by expanding the “Scale & Rotate” menu.
  • Improved build plate view to give you the ability to view your model from every angle, including:
  • Full screen view of the build plate
  • Zoom in / zoom out buttons
  • Build plate views: click to easily view your model from the top, bottom, front, back, left & right


Bug Fixes

  • Improved reliability when printing a file from Thingiverse
  • Improved UI responsiveness regarding printer status & when an action is taken on a printer, such as cancel.

Scale Your Model

MakerBot Cloud Scale Model

Rotate Your Model


Print from CAD Plugins

As a reminder, you can send your prints directly from Thingiverse, TinkerCad, Autodesk Fusion 360, Autodesk Inventor & Solidworks.

To print from Thingiverse, add a MakerBot printer to your profile & you’ll see a print file button next to Thing Files.

To download CAD plugins, visit