Reviews: MakerBot METHOD X 3D Printer

Dive into the METHOD X platform and see what makes it shine

We believe that METHOD X is one of the best professional 3D printers on the market today that can print a wide range of engineering-grade polymers, composites, and metal. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out these reviews from 3D printing media’s heavy hitters.

Overall the METHOD X has proven itself to be a formidable competitor in its class. The system’s phenomenal ABS printing capabilities make it a great choice for prosumers and professional users seeking a hassle-free 3D printing experience.

Founded in 2009, MakerBot has made a name for itself in the professional-grade FFF 3D printing space with its suite of extrusion-based machines. MakerBot’s flagship product line is the METHOD 3D printer range, comprising the older METHOD, the newer METHOD X, and the higher-performance METHOD X Carbon Fiber Edition.

As the mid-range offering, the METHOD X combines a high-temperature dual extrusion setup, a fully-enclosed build volume, and an impressive set of engineering material capabilities for functional prototyping and end-use production. The printer is built for both commercial and educational use, granting users the ability to print with a wide variety of high-performance filaments. This includes fiber-reinforced composites and Ultrafuse 316L Stainless Steel, enabled by the LABS Experimental Extruder.

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Photo courtesy of 3D Printing Industry.
Photo courtesy of 3D Printing Industry.

In a way, the Method X CFE can be compared to a Tesla: an innovative device with intelligent and intuitive functions that make handling much easier.

MakerBot, founded in 2009, is considered a pioneer of desktop 3D printing and has operated as an independent subsidiary of Stratasys since 2013. The company has already introduced its sixth generation of 3D printers with the launch of the Method series. These are based on 220,000 hours of test printing and 30 patents, which have catapulted the American company back to the top. With the Method, Method CFE, Method X and Method X CFE models, MakerBot has been able to completely revamp its lineup of FDM 3D printers for professionals.

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From its heated build chamber to its bullet-proof accuracy, this is not the MakerBot of old

The MakerBot brand has, in the modern parlance, been on something of a journey. Born out of the New York-based makerspace community back in 2009, it quickly became a poster child for the 3D printing revolution. (That said, it should be noted that the technology was actually based on research conducted by a team led by Adrian Bowyer at Bath University in the UK.)

With the emergence of MakerBot, out went the old guard of expensive machines from long-established companies that protected their patents as fiercely as they did their profit margins; and in came a new breed of machine manufacturer, eager to take advantage of expiring patents and the ability to access the components required to build their own machines. A new, more democratic 3D printing industry was born.

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Photo courtesy of Develop3D.
Photo courtesy of Develop3D.


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