Additive Impact

JUNE 23, 2021

Additive Impact features sessions on the role 3D printing plays in robotics, motosports, lab automation, product design and development, prototyping, aerospace and more.

Hear from experts around the world on how 3D printing is impacting innovation across industries.


Thousands of innovators joined this summit.

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Session 1

Welcome from the CEO

Nadav Goshen, CEO, MakerBot

Session 2

Engineering a Champion: 3D Printing and Motorsport

This session will focus on innovations within the motorsport and hypercar industry using additive manufacturing to accelerate design and development.

Speakers: Paul Doe, Chief Engineer – Chassis, Prodrive Motorsport; Arash Farboud, CEO, Arash Motor Company
Moderator: Shawn Miely, Director of Segment Marketing, MakerBot

Session 3

CAD Design and Robotics: an Interactive Lab

Live 3D modeling demo of robotic end effectors. 

Presented by: Shapr3D

Speakers: István Csanády, Founder and CEO, Shapr3D; Peter Kocs, CAD Engineer, Shapr3D
Moderator: Felipe Castañeda, Creative Director and Industrial Designer, MakerBot

Session 4

Endless Possibilities: The Science of 3D Printing Materials

This session will focus on the development and applications of advanced materials, their importance in the growth and evolution of 3D printing, and how they accelerate innovation.

Speaker: Nathan Wood, Technical Application Specialist, BASF; Nicolas Tokotuu, Senior Business Manager, Polymaker; Misha Nesaratnam, Product Manager, Kimya – Additive Manufacturing by ARMOR

Moderator: Johan-Till Broer, VP Product Development, MakerBot

Session 5

Women of Additive Manufacturing: Re-engineering Progress

We’ll hear from leading women who are affecting change within the industry, shattering gender stereotypes, and paving the way for the next generation. These powerful voices will also highlight how the advancements in AM are transforming the way we engineer products, progress, and parity.

Speakers: Lee-Bath Nelson, Co-Founder and VP Business, LEO Lane; Cindy Deekitwong, Global Head of Marketing – 3D Printing & Incubator Businesses, SSMBB, Henkel Adhesive Technologies;

Moderator: Sarah Goehrke, Owner, Additive Integrity; Board of Directors and Director of DEI Initiatives, Women in 3D Printing

Session 6

The New Frontiers of Manufacturing: Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace

The session will highlight additive manufacturing uses within aerospace, where we’ll have panelists talk about current trends, applications, and how AM is affecting production and innovation.

Speakers: Alyssa Ruiz, Research Engineer, Lockheed Martin; Luke Colby, President and CEO, Triton Space Technologies

Host: Eric Brothers, Senior Editor, Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

Session 7

Radical Innovation: Unlocking the Future of Consumer Products In conversation with Peloton.

We’ll hear how Peloton has radicalized the fitness industry and how it has accelerated hardware design and development during the pandemic.

Speakers: Peter Boeckel, Senior Industrial Design Manager, Peloton
Moderator: Felipe Castañeda, Creative Director, MakerBot

Session 8

Healthcare Innovation: Advancing Humanity through 3D Printing

Keynote focusing on robotic automation in the pharma industry and the breakthroughs and innovations in healthcare with the help of 3D printing.

Speaker: Lane Robert Milde, Senior Scientist, Automation and Data Support, Pfizer

Interviewer: Shawn Miely, Director of Segment Marketing, MakerBot

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