CloudPrint 2.0 features major improvements – and other reasons you should switch from MakerBot Print

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MakerBot CloudPrint is a cloud-based application that allows you to prepare, print, manage, and monitor 3D print jobs easily and securely straight from your browser. CloudPrint enables a more efficient and 3D printing workflow management to help accelerate design and development.

CloudPrint 2.0 seamlessly integrates cloud-based print preparation and workspace management with an enhanced user interface and improved queuing and notifications. It allows users to go from CAD to part faster with new features such as the ability to import multi-body parts and automatically orient parts for the least support material used during printing with Smart Orient.

You can import native CAD files of your choice, slice prints with advanced settings or preset modes for optimal printing, choose your preferred printer and material combination from dozens of options, and send directly to print. Check in your prints from any web browser from the onboard camera that provides live status updates.

With an easy-to-use and secure workflow, CloudPrint gives you better control and management of their prints from start to finish.

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Advanced Print Modes and Settings: The Smart Arrange, Smart Orient, and Print Mode features (such as Balanced, Solid, and High Quality) are optimized to let the application automatically handle the setup based on your needs. Choose from hundreds of modifiable parameters and save your custom print mode for the next job.

Queue Management and Multibody Support: Maximize your printer usage by slicing and queueing print jobs for later. The next job begins after you remove the print from the build plate. CloudPrint also now allows multibody support so you can directly upload native CAD assemblies and queue across multiple build plates.

Live Monitoring and Real-Time Status Updates: Check on your prints any time with the onboard camera. Stay alert and reduce troubleshooting issues with the new notifications tab.

Optimal Printer and Material Combination: Print quickly and confidently with your connected printer and material of choice, including third-party materials from MakerBot LABS. Linked with METHOD’s onboard sensors, CloudPrint can also identify METHOD materials loaded in the material bays.

Print Time and Material Estimates: Plan better with CloudPrint’s time and material usage estimates. METHOD’s onboard sensors also alerts you when material is running low.

Industry Standard Security and Advanced Encryption: Data is protected from unauthorized access. Team members can be added to workspaces and their levels of access can be tailored and adjusted. Get notified when a print is added to the queue or if account details have changed. Advanced reporting features offer a better glimpse into activities.


MakerBot CloudPrint is packed with the latest capabilities to streamline your 3D printing workflow. CloudPrint is regularly updated to ensure you have access to the newest features. The software is free to use, and is compatible with the MakerBot METHOD® platform, MakerBot SKETCH® 3D printers, and MakerBot Replicator® 3D printer series.

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