MakerBot Educators Guidebook

Introducing the latest installment of the MakerBot Educators Guidebook, the 3rd edition of MakerBot’s definitive guide to 3D printing in the classroom – over 150 pages available to you for free!

The popular and easy-to-use guide for 3D printing returns with its third edition. Covering a crash-course in 3D printing and how to begin integrating it into the classroom, projects spanning Robotics, Engineering, Mathematics, Science as well as projects for Art, History, and Music, and a collection of techniques and tricks developed by educators already experienced with 3D printing.

Example lesson plans in the guidebook

Guidebook Spread 1

The X, Y, Z of 3D Printing

Guidebook Spread 2

Planetary Gears

Guidebook Spread 3

How to turn a Sketch into a 3D Print

This 100 page resource includes:

How to start 3D Printing in the Classroom
Breaking down the 3D Printing Process
Curriculum Project Ideas
Teachers’ Tricks of the Trade
3D Printing within Professional Industries