EDU Webinar

How to do it: Toys, Robotics & 3D Printing

Speaker, Andrea Zermeno
Jonathan Gao

Andrea Zermeño
Education Manager

Jonathan Gao
Co-Founder Makers for Change

The MakerBot Education team gets hands-on with 3D printing. We’ll be taking a look at how students can create their own toys with 3D printing and how the same techniques can be used for making custom designs for robotics applications.

BONUS: We’ll also be having a mini workshop on how students can learn advanced 3D printing tricks.


What we’ll cover:

      • *Tips and tricks on how to get students excited with 3D printing in the classroom
      • *How to connect toys and robotics together with 3D printing
      • *Quick workshop on how students can go from beginner to advanced 3D printing innovators