EDU Webinar

Full STEAM Ahead with 3D Printing

Speaker, Andrea Zermeno
Speaker, Felipe Castaneda

Andrea Zermeño
Education Manager

Felipe Castañeda
Creative Director

The MakerBot Education team is here to go through the basics! Learn about using 3D printing in the classroom, lab, and makerspace and where MakerBot fits in. Explore how MakerBot is being used to push the boundaries of STEAM education.

BONUS: See a live printing demo of two different printers suited for both beginners and advanced users.


In this webinar, we’re exploring how STEAM and 3D printing work together to help guide students to future careers. We’re also getting an in-depth look at two different types of 3D printers and how they can both work for students.

What we’ll cover:

      • *Learn how the 3D printing process works – from melted material to 3D-printed part
      • *Find where you can learn the best skills to get started with 3D printing in education
      • *Get the best tips and tricks for ensuring success with your MakerBot 3D printer