EDU Webinar

3D Printing, Prototyping and R&D with Additive Design

Speaker, Andrea Zermeno

Andrea Zermeño
Education Manager

The EDU team will be joined by Dr. Florian Finsterwalder, Professor of Additive Design and Manufacturing at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences for a new episode of the MakerBot EDU Mind Melding series. 

In this webcast, Dr. Florian will give us a snapshot of how students at Karlsruhe University use 3D printing for a range of prototyping applications in research and development, industry thesis projects, and more.


The biggest takeaway from the webcast is how important it is to get students familiar with 3D printers to leverage that knowledge into their prototypes and solutions.

What we’ll cover:

      • *Generative design, prototyping, and additive manufacturing
      • *Techniques and processes when developing printed parts
      • *When designs don’t work out
      • *How students collaborate with companies