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Go BEYOND the printers’ build volume. While a printer’s build volume typically tells you how big you can 3D print a model it doesn’t necessarily mean that your design has to be constrained by those dimensions. Download the STL files and see how you can print bigger than the printer’s build volume.

Experience the potential of the SKETCH Classroom

Don’t have a 3D printer? Check out the SKETCH Classroom and in the meantime use MakerBot Cloud to see what the designs would look like on our printers.


A little preview…

Step 1 3D Print

Step 2 Assemble

This 3D Printing files will allow you to test creating assemblies on the SKETCH Classroom. Assemblies are groups of printed objects that can fit and work together. In this case you will be 3D printing a Mechanical Gripper.


Once you have printed the files you will proceed to build the gripper yourself! Testing the printing properties, tolerances and mechanical performance of the components.