PRO Webinar

How Choosing the Right 3D Printing Materials Maximizes ROI

Nichole Thomas 2 (1)
Karl Schmidt

MakerBot Hardware Design Lead
Vishnu Anantha

PRO Segment Marketing Manager
Shawn Miely

Manager – Testing and Materials
Karl Schmidt

Learn how to choose the right material for your manufacturing needs, and how engineers utilize industrial-grade 3D printing materials in their product development process to maximize ROI.

Choosing the right 3D printing polymer for each step of the product development process is essential for maximizing both end-part quality and ROI. The ever-growing range of specialized material polymers are more accessible to professional users than ever before, from the first “sketch print” concept model to the tools that enable the manufacturing process of the production part.

Why you should attend:

3D printing concept “sketch” models
Developing functional prototypes for fit, function, and testing
Optimizing the manufacturing process with custom 3D printed tools and durable materials
The future of on-demand manufacturing through exotic materials
And much more!