Smiletronix uses the MakerBot METHOD X 3D printer for the Development of its Oral Devices

Smiletronix is a startup that is revolutionizing the dental space, bringing digital dentistry within everyone’s reach in order to improve people’s health and prevent diseases easily and comfortably.

Image courtesy of Mastertec3D
Image courtesy of Mastertec3D


Smiletronix checks and controls the oral health of its customers through innovative devices. It is a young and dynamic company that constantly seeks to optimize its design and manufacturing processes through innovation. For this reason, the team decided to acquire a 3D printer, which has facilitated the development of their designs, allowing them to gain speed and agility in their continuous improvement processes.


Additive manufacturing allows them to shorten times in the development of their prototypes, scanning devices for dental health control. They also print models of jaws to test the oral scanning devices, check the results and make the necessary tests in each process.

One of the fundamental points in the choice of 3D printing equipment has been the need for volumetric precision and the finishing of the parts. Quality is a fundamental point for Smiletronix. In addition to prototypes, the team wanted to go a step further and work with functional prototypes in materials such as ABS and Nylon with Carbon Fiber. For this reason, they opted for the MakerBot METHOD X 3D printer.


From the very beginning, the Smiletronix team has appreciated the experience of printing parts in technical materials with the MakerBot METHOD X, and the quality of their parts. The performance of this equipment and its automation has allowed them to spend minimal time on printing and focus on the core tasks of their business.

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Technically, MakerBot METHOD X is a step ahead. This equipment applies Stratasys patents and performs print jobs in an actively controlled 110°C oven. In this way, it guarantees the expected results in parts with engineering materials, which otherwise could not be achieved.

Mastertec3D carried out the commissioning of the MakerBot METHOD X equipment and trained the Smiletronix team to adapt and get the maximum performance in the shortest possible time.


Thanks to 3D printing, the Smiletronix team has managed to reduce the costs of the prototypes of the anatomical models it creates, significantly, in many cases, by 80% over the traditional method, such as machining. Also, without having to resort to a traditional outsourced method, they have managed to reduce design times. Thanks to 3D printing, they have been able to manufacture many more prototypes and simulate the full user experience.


On the other hand, by not outsourcing their manufacturing processes, they keep their 3D knowledge and designs in-house, which is very important for them to maintain the security of their patents.

Opting for the MakerBot METHOD X has allowed them to automate printing and spend little time on the printer. Previously they outsourced each 3D print, now they 3D print themselves. The MakerBot machines are very intuitive 3D printers that they were able to start working with immediately after the acquisition of the MakerBot METHOD X. This equipment has given them an advantage in terms of flexibility and speed.

Integrating 3D technology into the business has allowed them to save time, speed up work and, above all, not have to rely on third parties.

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