All New MakerBot Print 4.7

New updates include faster printing with ABS and ASA breakaway support, reduced stringing on PLA and Tough, new custom settings for better surface finish, and ASA thin wall printability

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MakerBot SKETCH 

The recently announced MakerBot Sketch printer supported on MakerBot Print 4.7. Sketch users will have the same access to the easy-to-use MakerBot Print experience for sending a job, checking the status of the printer, and changing settings.

METHOD Platform Features

More control over the METHOD platform

For advanced users, Print 4.7 exposes even more settings adjust and tune the METHOD printer. These new settings can be found in Custom Settings. 

      • Roof Surface Velocity – Model 
      • Roof Surface Velocity – Support 
      • Print Speed: Floor Surface – Model 
      • Print Speed: Floor Surface – Support 
      • Print Speed: Inset- Model 
      • Print Speed: Inset – Support Filament 
      • Fan Cooling Speed: (Model) 
      • Filament Fan Cooling Speed: (Support)

MakerBot Nylon

MakerBot Nylon is now available in our store, click here ( to learn more and with Print 4.7 users will be able to print with Balanced and Solid print mode for Nylon material. The same connected experience on the METHOD is also available for Nylon where Print 4.7 will automatically detect the Nylon material in your connected printer. 


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Printer Agnostic Features

Firmware Check Warning

To address compatibility issues between MakerBot Print and the printer firmware, Print 4.7 now warns users when their printer’s firmware is not up to date. This will help prevent compatibility issues and ensure users have access to the latest features and bug fixes available.


Warning modal



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