A Deeper Look At The MakerBot Method X

Some weeks ago MakerBot announced the Method X, a sequel their earlier machine, the Method.

The Method was a very different machine from MakerBot’s earlier devices, having a fully heated enclosure. This is quite unlike machines with heated build plates that accumulate heat by simply surrounding the print bed; the Method actually heated the air inside the chamber and did not even have a heated bed.

There was no need to do so because the entire print, not just the bottom, was consistently heated to exactly the same temperature — up to 55C. This enabled vastly better print quality, when combined with a plethora of sensors and sophisticated control software.

The result was extremely good prints.


The Method X takes those concepts much further.

Like its sibling, the Method X has a heated chamber, but it can reach a sizzling 100C. The reason for this high temperature is for ABS prints, which require a much higher temperature to avoid warping.

Warping will slightly (or greatly) modify the dimensions of the part, and this is entirely inappropriate for many printed parts that must meet precision thresholds.

I was curious about how well ABS does in fact 3D print on this device, and at TCT Show I managed to find out more about the Method X courtesy of CEO Nadav Goshen, who walked me through the machine in detail. I learned quite a few things about the device I had not previously understood.

Read the full article by kerry stevenson at Fabbaloo.



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