EDU Webinar

The Best 3D Printing Lesson Plans for the Classroom

Nichole Thomas

Technology and Engineering Educator
Nichole Thomas

Learn how you can use the same 3D printing lesson plans used by Nichole to activate STEM and 3D printing in your classroom or school successfully—no matter your grade level or subject.

What you will learn about

Join STEM leader and Instructional Facilitator of Technology Nichole Thomas as she discusses how she activated 3D printing successfully for educators and students across every grade level at the SMART Lab technology space in Liberty Elementary School in South Riding, Virginia.

• Meet Nichole and learn how she operates the SMART Lab—an FETC award-winning technology space focused on STEM education.
• See the lesson plans Nichole developed and used to successfully to bridge the technology skills gap for both educators and students.
• Get inspired to create your own 3D printing lesson plans—no matter your grade level or subject.

About Nichole Thomas

Nichole Thomas is an Instructional Facilitator of Technology at Liberty Elementary School, a STEM-focused school in South Riding, VA. Previously, she taught 4th and 5th-grade classes, but her passion for STEM and helping students become proficient in technology led her towards leading the SMART Lab at Liberty Elementary, where she teaches 1,100+ students per week. Outside of work, Nichole loves outdoor adventures with her husband and two dogs.