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3D Print Right Out of the Box

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A 3D Printer Platform That Fits in Any Classroom

Whether setting your first print station up with SKETCH or aiming for larger prints with SKETCH Large, the SKETCH Platform has a solution that can fit in any classroom, lab or library.

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3D Printer Training

Access our ISTE-approved guided printer training (included with every SKETCH printer) and gain extra confidence in setting up and printing with the SKETCH 3D printers.


Resources Every Step of the Way

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Access 600+ Lesson Plans Across All Grade Levels & Subjects

Lower the curriculum planning barrier with over 600 lesson plans made by educators all across the country.

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Learn How to Create Curriculum with 3D Printing

Establish yourself and gain confidence as a STEM education leader. Learn how to teach the 3D printing process and develop your own 3D printing projects with our Curriculum Creator training course.

Classroom Printing Made Easy

From Digital Model to 3D Print with Easy-to-Use Software

Square Cloudprint
Cloud-Based 3D Printer Software

Turn your students’ digital models into 3D prints with MakerBot CloudPrint, a cloud-based software that requires no software installation or student account creation.

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Monitor Your Printer from Far Away

Leverage SKETCH’s onboard camera and the CloudPrint software to monitor your classroom’s prints as their printing - even when you’re away from the classroom.


Minimize the hassle of learning how to operate a new technology and just hit 'print' with SKETCH's built-in printer features to help you along the way.

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Print BIG and MORE in less time with the SKETCH Large's bigger print platform.

Printer features that keep 3D printing easy and worry-free.

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Enclosed printer
Enclosed Printer with Particulate Filter

Place your printer anywhere in the classroom without worrying about curious hands and print with peace of mind with a particulate filter preinstalled in each printer.

flex plate
Heated and Flexible Removable Build plate

Heated build plate for secure, successful printing and a flexible surface to make removing finished prints a breeze.

Touch Screen Controls and 2MP on-board Camera

Start, monitor and pause students’ prints with an intuitive interface combined with an onboard camera to make monitoring prints possible from anywhere.

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Build Volume

No project is too big or small for SKETCH, choose the build volume that is right for your classroom.

3D Printer Training & Design Thinking Courses

1 x Teacher Seat in Printer Training Course & Curriculum Creation Course
15 x Student Seats in Printer Training Course & Design Thinking Courses

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FREE Classroom 3D Printing Management

FREE, Cloud-based, printer preparation software

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Printer Features to Keep 3D Printing Easy and Worry-Free

Flexible Build Plates
Heated Build Stage
Enclosed Print Chamber & Air Filter
Onboard Camera
Spatula & Snippers

PLA spools
Enough Printing for Every Student

3 Spools of Easy to Print, PLA Filament

Scale to Your Classroom 3D Printing Needs

Kick off a 3D printing program in your school with enough printers to handle classrooms’ worth of printing.

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Sketch single

Starting at $1,299

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Scketch Classroom

Starting at $1,999


Avoid getting stuck in the 3D printing bottleneck and print more in half the time.

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3D Printer Training & Design Thinking Courses

Self-paced, interactive training that will prepare you and your students for 3D printing and career-building skills that go beyond the classroom.

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Classroom certification
Enough Printing for a Whole Semester

Get your time back in the classroom and print across multiple printers simultaneously

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Classroom accesories

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