MakerBot Announces Winners of Make It Loud Challenge!


After more than 200 submissions, Joe Zisa’s “V29” survival whistle was selected as the winner of the the MakerBot Thingiverse Make it Loud Challenge. The challenge asked Thingiverse users to make the loudest thing they could, and the loudest creation would be selected as the winner. Whistles, drum machines and many other types of designs were uploaded in what was one of the most popular Thingiverse challenges in 2015.

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Safe and Sound: MakerBot PLA Filament


At MakerBot, providing the best possible 3D printing experience for our customers is about more than releasing new, innovative products. It’s about ensuring that our products are among the safest on the market, so that even our most active customers can print with confidence.

A recent study has sought to answer safety-related questions regarding 3D printing filament. As supported by this study, we would like to underscore that our latest generation of 3D printers only use filament that is safe for your classroom or business. Known as PLA, or polylactic acid, this filament is a nontoxic resin made of sugar derived from starches found in foods, like potatoes, corn, grain, or even beets.

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Classic Contemporary Design with MakerBot and Stratasys


A spoon isn’t just a spoon, when it’s from Robert Welch Designs LTD. At this UK-based home goods company, one piece of cutlery can be prototyped as many as 50 to 100 times. Every design is questioned, challenged, and refined until it meets their distinct standards of timeless, elegant beauty. Key to helping them meet these standards are MakerBot and Stratasys 3D printers.

As Senior Designer, Kit deBretton Gordon puts it, “The Robert Welch brand is contemporary classic design, so we design things that we want to last for years.” Typically, products in their catalogue feature a classic silhouette with a contemporary twist.

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MakerBot and Syfy Channel Announce Thingiverse Partnership


During last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the Syfy Channel made designs from their newest show, The Expanse, available on MakerBot Thingiverse. Syfy is the first major television network to share exclusive content on this platform. As the Internet’s largest 3D printing community, MakerBot Thingiverse is the ideal platform for Syfy Labs to give fans access to printable files from their favorite Syfy shows.

During CES, Syfy featured a MakerBot Replicator equipped with the new Smart Extruder+, which 3D printed various models based on Syfy’s show, The Expanse. Syfy’s collaboration with MakerBot is the first step for Syfy to expand their science fiction content from the television format into new territories of technology, ultimately allowing viewers to bring physical content to their homes.

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Our Industry-Leading Tech Support Just Got Better and Faster


Within the MakerBot offices, you’ll find our 3D printers whirring away in just about every department. So we know what it’s like to go through all the right steps before a print, only to end up with a long, eerie silence or a discordant beep. For when all doesn’t go according to plan, we’ve revamped our industry-leading support site to keep you printing and making.

Organized into two sections, Troubleshooting and Learning, the support site is designed to help you learn about MakerBot products, quickly solve issues, and minimize downtime. While the Learn section offers a wide range of information on our products, the Troubleshooting section is streamlined to easily guide you to the right solution through a series of simple questions.

“This approach to Troubleshooting offers an improved customer experience that complements our best-in-class customer support team” says Gil Maman, Vice President of Customer Advocacy and Business Development. “All told, the new support site reflects MakerBot’s continued commitment to facilitate close relationships with our customers and users by putting their needs first.”

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Teaching for the 21st Century with the MakerBot Smart Extruder+


Nick Provenzano is a new school teacher with an old school mission. At Grosse Pointe South High School, he’s educating students and preparing them for the future by integrating modern technology in his curriculum. There and within the entire Grosse Pointe School District, Provenzano is also an outspoken advocate for enhancing student learning with leading technology. It’s a passion that cannot be confined to the four walls of a classroom.

He blogs regularly on his website, hosts podcasts at #NerdyCast, consults with educators to integrate technology into their classrooms, and is one of the founders of Edcamp Detroit, among many other highlights. As he’s written, enhancing education with tech is about giving students “access to the best tools to prepare them for a world that expects them to know how to use them once they leave school.”

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“Mouth Operated Mouse” Wins Thingiverse Assistive Technology Challenge


After more than 170 submissions, Tobias Wirtl’s Mouth Operated Mouse is the winning design for the Assistive Technology Challenge. After reading about difficulties people with disabilities face in accessing new technologies, Wirtl wanted to create a device that could enable more people with disabilities to use the Web. A number of products on the market are geared toward helping people with disabilities navigate the Internet, but they can be very expensive making them out of reach for people who need them. Keeping cost in mind, Wirtl’s mouth operated mouse was designed so people of all economic backgrounds would be able to build one on their own or find somebody to build it for them.

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5 Amazing Holiday-Themed Designs on Thingiverse

‘Tis the season for snowball fights, warm fires, colorfully-wrapped presents, delicious latkes, reruns of “A Christmas Story” on TBS, and, now, 3D printing. The MakerBot Thingiverse community has gotten in on the festive fun with an outpouring of holiday-themed designs that that are easy to make and free to download.

Here are just a few that we’ve added to our holiday wishlist:

1. Snowflake Machine by mathgrrl

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 4.46.56 PM

Lack of snow got you feeling down? Well, why not make your own, personalized snowflake this year? The Snowflake Machine uses random numbers, mathematical algorithms, and computer code to create over a billion unique 3D snowflake designs. Thanks to MakerBot Customizer, you can customize your snowflake from your browser and export the file to your 3D printer in a matter of minutes.

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Montclair, N.J. is Putting 3 MakerBot 3D Printers in Every School


Dive into the early history of Montclair and you’ll find an image that sums up what’s going on in their schools today. The township sits on a ridge of the Watchung Mountains about 300 feet above sea level. So it’s no surprise that the name Montclair is derived from the French for “Clear Mountain”. Embodied in the meaning of that name is the climbing, striving spirit of the Montclair Public School District.

You may have heard of one school or another 3D printing but you’ve probably never heard of an entire school district doing so. Through Montclair’s Board of Education and the support of Josh S. Weston, former CEO of ADP, the Montclair School District received twenty-seven MakerBot Replicator® Desktop 3D Printers. By taking advantage of MakerBot’s Buy Two, Get One offer, eighteen new printers were purchased and nine refurbished models were donated for free.

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The Winners of the #WeNeedaMakerBot Giveaway


MakerBot threw down the #WeNeedaMakerBot giveaway contest and schools lit up the Internet with one inspiring story after another. To every school that participated, we celebrate you and all that you do for your students. After totalling up the likes, shares, and tweets, the results are in. Here are the winning schools and how each will be using their free 3D printer. A refurbished Replicator® Desktop 3D Printer is on its way!

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