PRO Webinar

How to Engineer a Smart Technology Product like Tesla

Nichole Thomas 2 (1)

PRO Segment Marketing Manager
Shawn Miely

Mechanical Engineering Manager
Eric Macneil

Hardware Design Lead
Vishnu Anantha

For years car companies have produced cars that generally stay the same once they roll off the lot. If a customer wants to upgrade their car, they can either get it done at a 3rd party shop, or wait until the new model year comes out. Tesla is flipping that operating model on its head – with car platforms that can be upgraded over-air through software – getting improved range, performance, and features. 

Similar to the Tesla model, hardware companies are looking to create products that evolve over their lifetime to give their customers the best possible experience. In this edition of the PRO Webcast Series we talk about how we went about designing the MakerBot METHOD to be an upgradeable platform and how those upgrades are benefiting customers new and old.

Primary Topics Covered:

Traditional Hardware Engineering Approach
Modern Hardware Engineering Approach
How to Engineer a Smart Hardware Product