MakerBot LABS Support with Print 4.5

Latest Print release offers support for the new Experimental Extruders for METHOD

MakerBot LABS Experimental Extruders for METHOD

The release of MakerBot Print 4.5 comes with support for our new MakerBot LABS Experimental Extruders for METHOD, currently in beta. The new extruder will allow users to experiment with third-party materials while taking advantage of METHOD’s heated chamber.

We’ve partnered with leading material suppliers, Jabil, Mitsubishi, Kimya, and Polymaker, to bring their materials to the METHOD platform. Users will need to adjust custom settings in MakerBot Print for each of the partner’s materials, which will be posted on Thingiverse Groups as the beta program kicks off. 

LABS support in MakerBot Print 4.5 includes:

  • Generic base material selection (PLA, PETG, ABS, ASA)
  • Removal of Unknown Materials Print Mode – third-party materials can only be used with LABS extruders
  • 46 new custom settings exposed for LABS extruders
  • Ignores material bay 1 RFID readers on METHOD to allow usage of third party materials

Taper-In Supports

A new support structure was introduced as a beta feature in Print 4.3 and is now the default support structure setting on the METHOD platform. This support structure will dynamically taper inwards and morph into a smaller base to minimize print time and dissolution time for the user’s print. 



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