PRO Webinar

5 Tips for Functional Prototyping with 3D Printing

Speaker, Felipe Castaneda
Nichole Thomas 2 (1)

MakerBot Creative Director Felipe Castaneda

MakerBot Lead Hardware Engineer Vishnu Anantha

Join MakerBot Lead Hardware Engineer Vishnu Anantha and Industrial Designer Felipe Castaneda as they discuss best practices for prototyping complex assemblies that eliminate the need for costly tooling and accelerate decision-making prior to manufacturing.

Why you should attend:

Learn how you can leverage functional prototyping to test ideas faster, eliminate down time, and create better products in days instead of months.

• Gain a better understanding of dynamic assemblies and how they enable real-world testing before investing in costly production tooling.
• Learn about tips for 3D printing with soluble supports (PVA) to get unrestricted geometric freedom and part accuracy.
• Learn how the MakerBot METHOD 3D printer is used as a tool within industry-leading design and engineering agencies to create functional prototypes with high dimensional accuracy.