Feature Updates in MakerBot Print 4.8

Updates include improved surface quality, support for PC-ABS and PC-ABS FR, and more.

METHOD Platform Features

Improved Surface Quality

Our engineers continue to research and test new printing strategies for improved surface finish on the METHOD platform. In Print 4.8, users will find changes to existing print modes that will automatically improve the surface finish. 

Smart Zippers 

This setting can be found in Custom Settings → Shells → Do Smart Zippers. By turning this feature on (check the box), the zipper will be placed at the most concave part of the layer. This feature will allow users to hide the zipper in the least noticeable area of the model. 

Smarter post purge tower printing

To save time and material, METHOD by default stops printing the purge tower when the model reaches a layer where support is no longer needed. With certain models where the geometry has small layer areas and do not require support materials, users may face layer alignment issues due to the lack of time to cool off each layer. Print 4.8 implements an algorithm to identify these print scenarios and injects time to improve layer alignment and ultimately part finish.  

Improved Balanced Mode for Tough and PLA

Shell settings for Balanced Mode have been changed for Tough and PLA on the METHOD platform. This will raise the surface quality for all prints on Tough and PLA prints.

Expanding the Materials Portfolio

We are constantly adding new materials to the METHOD platform to cover a variety of applications. Print 4.8 introduces PC-ABS and PC-ABS FR (flame retardant) to the METHOD material portfolio. PC-ABS is a very strong engineering-grade material that has high heat and high impact resistance properties, making it ideal for applications such as automotive and rail parts, cosmetic covers, electronics enclosures, and more. The addition of polycarbonate to ABS delivers higher impact strength and heat resistance than the standard ABS material, and is used frequently in injection molding.

PC-ABS prints more successfully with an enclosed heated chamber, consistently delivering high-quality parts. Parts printed on a desktop 3D printer with only a heated build plate are susceptible to temperature variations that can cause part deformation and lower part strength. We’ve increased METHOD X’s maximum enclosed chamber temperature at the build plane from 100°C to 110°C to ensure superior part accuracy and interlayer adhesion.

Nylon Added as Base Material to Labs Extruder

Nylon and the corresponding base settings have been added to the LABS extruder. Users can now experiment with any third party Nylon derivatives with the METHOD LABS extruder.

Printer Agnostic Features

MacOS Catalina Compatibility

Print 4.8 is now compatible with MacOS Catalina (version 10.15).



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