Webinar: Discover Both Simple and Advanced Techniques for Elevating Your Prints

Learn How to Create Realistic Prototypes, Molds, Functional Machines and More

Desktop 3D printing has had a dramatic impact on how professionals work and what students learn. Yet, for all this value, many overlook what is possible with the 3D printed objects themselves. In this webinar, we speak with MakerBot’s resident post-processing expert Sean Dippold, to learn how you can do more with your 3D prints. We will explore effective, powerful techniques like gluing, sanding, and painting prints. We will also highlight more advanced techniques such as creating silicone molds, vacuum forming, and installing threaded brass inserts. Dive into this webinar to discover how a 3D print can be an aesthetically realistic prototype, a mold for an end-use product, a functional machine or device, and much more.