Fast Pedaling to Market: Peloton Used MakerBot to Prototype New Commercial Bike

How this Startup Goes from Design to Prototype to Production-Ready Parts Quickly and Cost-Effectively with MakerBot

Peloton is a startup with a novel, tech-based approach to exercise. Peloton's very first exercise bike allowed anyone to stream high-energy cycling classes over Wi-Fi at home at anytime. To continue growing, the startup wanted to release a commercial exercise bike that would extend this experience to public places, like hotel gyms, universities, or even hospitals.

In bringing the new bike to market, Peloton’s industrial design team used MakerBot’s 3D printing solutions. With MakerBot, the team could quickly and cost-effectively develop twenty different parts, such as a resistance knob, weight holders, and more.

To further explore how MakerBot helped Peloton develop a new commercial bike, download this case study today.

Topics Discussed:

  • -How MakerBot Saves Time and Money in Product Development
  • -How MakerBot Accelerates the Iterative Design Process
  • -Why 3D Printed Iterations Are Important for Developing Product Parts
  • -Verifying Ergonomics, Scale, Shape of Designs with 3D Prints
  • -How MakerBot Helps Consumer Goods Companies that Must Expand