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KUKA is a global leader in robotics and intelligent automation solutions.


With roughly 14,000 employees across the globe, KUKA builds highly customized robotic arms and provides intelligent automation solutions for a variety of industry applications. In order to equip the “smart factory” floors of 21st century manufacturers, KUKA uses MakerBot 3D printers for rapid prototyping and even for building custom end-use robotic “hands.”

Human-Robotics collaboration is the future for KUKA and robotics; 3D printing is the future of manufacturing.

KUKA isn’t just offering automation. They’re building robotic systems that are capable of safely working with humans, combining the power and precision of a robotic arm with the reactivity and flexibility of a human problem solver.

The future of manufacturing depends on the efficiency and reliability of these remarkable new systems—and when it comes to building the future of manufacturing, KUKA and MakerBot are paving the path of tomorrow, today.

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This MakerBot Z18 operated at a 92% success rate for over 7,000 hours in a single year.

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