The Next Generation: 3D Printing Academy for Girls

Youth for Technology Foundation (YTF) recently established America’s first 3D Printing Academy for Girls, a collaboration with sister organization 3D Africa. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, the program trains girls with an impressive curriculum of CAD and 3D printing, utilizing an exclusively female group of mentors and instructors.

After a crash course on basic 3D printing processes and materials, the girls work their way through 3D modeling programs TinkerCAD, Rhino, and eventually Fusion 360. This technical training is bolstered by lessons in entrepreneurship and business. Not only are these young girls being equipped with valuable STEM skills, but also the knowledge and confidence to monetize them.

MakerBot territory manager Warren Dunton had the opportunity to donate printers in support of the academy, and MakerBot was especially excited by the invitation for MakerBot engineer and Project Manager, Sydney Dahl, to join the school’s impressive cast of guest speakers.

By reinforcing core STEM concepts taught by female engineers, technologists, and scientists, the girls were left with powerful examples of their possible future careers. MakerBot’s Dahl joined other talented speakers from GE FirstBuild, Autodesk, and University of Louisville to lend technical and career advice to the ambitious, young group.