Thingiverse Speaks at the Creative Commons Global Summit

Creative Commons (CC) empowers the world to easily share creations and ideas through simple, accessible licensing on content communities like Wikipedia or Thingiverse. For example, creators on Thingiverse rely on CC to be able to share their 3D printable designs with the world. The system protects their work, but most importantly gives them the confidence to continue innovating and sharing.

The State of the Commons report is an annually released snapshot that analyzes and celebrates the creativity made available through CC licenses. This year, in addition to crunching the numbers, the SOTC highlights some of the global projects that benefit from CC licensing, and shows how collaboration helps the Commons and its communities thrive.

Thingiverse, the largest 3D printing and design community, boasting over 1.5 million CC licensed objects is vital proof of what working together can achieve. For instance, 3D designer MacGyver’s Human Skull with Mandible and Teeth allowed other users to remix the design and after five iterations, ultimately transformed into a candy dish.

MakerBot’s Chief Software Architect, Tony Buser, and Intellectual Property Counsel, Frank Polcino, are enthusiastically joining the discussion at the Creative Commons Global Summit in Toronto, CAN. They will be addressing the legalities of 3D design sharing through Creative Commons licensing and healthy collaboration within the 3D printing community in two sessions on Friday, April 28th:

Click here to view the full SOTC report and discover the power of collaboration within the Creative Commons community.