Meet the Makers: Voxel Magic

MakerBot was excited to host Voxel Magic at our HQ for the most recent edition of the “Meet the Maker” series, an ongoing collection of talks that invites makers of every kind to tell us about their experiences and offer lessons on innovation. Voxel Magic is an NYC based 3D printing service bureau that offers 3D design, finishing, scanning and printing services to a wide variety of prototypers, entrepreneurs, and artists.

Founder John Arzayus entered the 3D printing world as a hobbyist and power-user selling his services on nights and weekends. The quality and speed he was able to deliver floored his client Patrick Raymond, so much so that he offered to join the operation as CMO. The two came together and named the company after the voxel, the 3D version of a pixel.

John and Patrick shared their inspirational outlook on offering 3D services, telling a crowd of MakerBot staff that “there are more ideas in the world than there are 3D printing skills to support them.” That’s a credo we’re happy to share, as there are more definitely more ideas than 3D printers. Thanks again to the talented Voxel Magic team for their time and for their participation in NYC’s ever-growing 3D printing community!