Go from Designing to Printing Faster Than Ever with the New MakerBot Print Software


We’re empowering professionals with a software solution that enables a faster, more efficient workflow. Packed with all-new features, our free MakerBot Print software can increase your output with better ways to manage and organize your prints. It’s optimized for use in professional environments, like busy studios, offices, and design labs. It’s a resource that bridges the gap between CAD file and model, keeping engineers and designers moving from project to project. In this post, you’ll learn the top five updates to MakerBot Print. Take a look to see what you and your team can benefit from the most!

1.  Import and Manage Files using Native CAD Support

MakerBot Print software successfully streamlines the 3D print preparation process with new Native CAD Support. Since most CAD programs are on Windows, PC users can import and manipulate Native CAD files, along with other popular file types.

Now you can avoid wasting time converting design files and instead go directly into managing and preparing your prints. MakerBot Print allows you to Arrange, Orient, Scale, and View these 3D models when you’re preparing to print, giving you all the details you might need prior to printing.


Windows users can also expect support for a variety of file types, including IGES, CATIA, Wavefront Object, and more.

2. Control Multiple Printers with New Cloud Management

Thanks to the Cloud, your MakerBot 3D printers are always within reach. New Cloud-enabled management lets you access your printer’s settings from wherever you are. Just connect your printer to the Cloud and prompt each one to prepare for printing. With MakerBot Print, you can do all of this without ever leaving your desk.

Once you start printing, you can monitor your project’s progress via print status updates and a live feed from each printer’s on-board camera. If you notice something’s off, you have the power to pause or cancel a print at any time using MakerBot Print.


3. Prepare Multiple Projects with Auto Arrange

For teams leading multiple projects, MakerBot Print helps save time and accomplish more with Auto Arrange. This new feature organizes your build plate so that prints of varying heights and sizes can fit and print all at once. Models that have similar heights and geometries will automatically be grouped together to minimize your extruder’s travel distance across the build plate, which leads to faster print times. You’ll begin by importing your files. Once this is done, your objects will appear on your build plate. Then, you can select Arrange Build Plate to position models in ways that achieve optimal placement on the build surface. If they can’t all seem to fit, select Arrange Project. This will reposition objects to fit as neatly as possible on one printer, and then arrange what won’t fit on another printer.  


The MakerBot Replicator+ also sports a build volume that’s 25% larger than its predecessor, so you have even more room to print.

4. Save Your Files as Projects

MakerBot Print gives you the freedom to prepare and print when it’s most convenient for you. If you’ve spent a lot of time uploading files and positioning objects on your own, you don’t want to risk losing your work. With the new option to save your files as projects, you can create your own schedule for completing prints. Simply save your current file arrangement as a project, and then reopen the file when you’re ready to continue working on it. Once open, your models will appear exactly as you left them.


5. Get all the Details with Model View and Print Preview

We wanted to make sure you have a clear look at your model prior to printing. MakerBot Print’s Model View and Print Preview allow you to see all of your model’s visual details, which gives you a better understanding of what’s printable and what’s not.


When using Model View, scroll in to check out the smaller details of your model. You can also scroll out and move your mouse to view your object from different angles and heights. Then, click Show Print Preview to see how your model will be sliced while printing. When you play the preview, you’ll see an animation that shows exactly how the model’s layers will be printed by your MakerBot 3D Printer. You can select Layer Range to limit your preview up to a certain layer. Each view gives you more insight into how your model will form before you commit to starting a new print.

To learn more about MakerBot Print’s newest features, take the leap and give it a try! Download the latest version today.