A Behind the Scenes Look at MakerBot Support


MakerBot Support is one of the fastest, most efficient teams you can turn to, and we’re proud of that. When you think of support teams, you might assume that many are sitting in cubicles overseas, willing to spend just a few minutes speaking to you before they begin pushing your call around to other departments. You might expect to have to repeat your issue over and over again to different representatives, or spend a while speaking to an impersonal, automated answering service.

At MakerBot, we’re dedicated to giving you better support experiences. We’ve set the bar high by delivering fast response times, expert troubleshooting, and solutions made to fit your goals. With new cases resolved everyday right at MakerBot’s headquarters in Brooklyn, NY, the team has become a close, familiar resource for educators, professionals, and hobbyists nationwide. Read on to get an inside look at life as a MakerBot Support Agent!


If you’re looking to reach a MakerBot support agent, there’s a good chance you might get assistance from Andrea Zermeno. This friendly Arizona native has always enjoyed using an analytical approach when it comes to helping others. Before joining the team, Andrea earned her degree in Applied Mathematics at Texas State University. Now, she spends her time collaborating with her team to resolve general inquiries and MakerCare cases. Agents like Andrea work hard to resolve cases as fast and efficiently as possible, and now, she’s letting us in for an exclusive look at how it’s all done!

Andrea describes the support team as “a group of detectives” that are always looking to discover new details and land on better solutions for easier 3D printing.”

A Uniquely Supportive Culture

The MakerBot Support Team is composed of passionate, experienced 3D printing experts that enjoy solving problems. Andrea describes the support team as “a group of detectives” that enjoy getting to the bottom of things to uncover missing details or discover new possibilities for their cases.

The team also has a culture of collaboration that creates a supportive atmosphere. “All of us can be busy and have fifty things to do and thirty cases to reach out to, but if another agent comes to us with a question, we’re going to put everything down to try to help them. We help each other as much as we help the customers.”

This warm, friendly approach sets the tone for the communication that the team has with MakerBot customers.

Expert Training

Makerbot Support agents are thoroughly educated and trained to offer solutions you can depend on. “When someone new joins the team, we jam pack a lot of trainings into the first few weeks,” Andrea shares. They’re taught how to use MakerBot software and hardware and learn how to complete successful 3D prints on various MakerBot 3D Printers.

“We also have teardowns, where one of our team members walks them through tearing down a printer. This helps them learn all the parts of the printer and its intricacies, so it’s very helpful. We also do a lot of shadowing, where they have the chance to listen in on calls for a few hours and watch how we respond to cases.” These trainings equip agents with knowledge needed to solve customer issues. Seasoned support agents keep their knowledge of 3D printing fresh with thorough refresher courses.

“Since we’re all based in the same Brooklyn office, we can easily contact software, engineering, or any other department to help answer questions we’ve never seen before,” Andrea says.

Working out of MakerBot’s Brooklyn headquarters makes it easier for the Support team to stay current on all of the company’s latest developments and share new information with customers. “Since we’re all based in the same Brooklyn office, we can easily contact software, engineering, or any other department to help answer questions we’ve never seen before,” Andrea says.

A Day in the Life of a Support Agent

Andrea typically starts her day by following up on any open cases she might have, and then, shortly after, she’ll begin responding to new customer inquiries as they occur. The team is trained to accommodate customers in ways that are fast and efficient, typically via phone or email.

“They always appreciate getting a phone call to get everything done a little faster and get them back to printing. Depending on what the situations is, we’ll troubleshoot with them over the phone up to a certain point, and then continue via email. It’s up to them,” Andrea says.

The team prides itself on fast response times and productive calls. This gives them more time to resolve more cases at once. “And if a customer needs extra help, we’ll stay on the phone with them as long as they need,” she says.

Each support agent strives to build and maintain relationships with customers to sustain great customer experiences. “Our agents are personable, so customers feel like they’re talking to a real human being that can actually help,” Andrea says. “Each agent tries to keep the same cases so that customers never have to wonder who they’re working with. We get to know them and their needs.”

The Customer Experience

“Customers never have to wonder who they’re working with. We get to know them and their needs.”

Our support team has extensive experience with helping customers from a variety of environments. “For schools, there’s a learning curve, so you might have to help teachers or students that are new to 3D printing. I’ve helped with little issues you might run into during setup and maintenance, and I answer their questions about best practices,” she says. “Engineering firms are more familiar with 3D printing, so they have issues that usually aren’t so common, like a complicated Wi-Fi situation, or trouble leveling build plates after switching out some parts.”

Andrea has regular clients that really appreciate her support. It’s not unusual for her clients to bring her up to speed on their progress, and even share exciting news about their 3D printing. “There’s this one teacher that’s super passionate about using 3D printing. We had a great conversation about the role MakerBot is playing in 3D printing and how much his students love it. He sent me a link of a local news segment his students were featured in, where they presented their files and printed them on the classroom’s MakerBot Mini,” she recalls.

These inspiring stories further empower Andrea to provide the best service that she can for customers. “It’s the fuel to my fire. Hearing more about how I’ve helped improve someone’s situation after their conversation with me really makes a difference. That’s why I enjoy working in Support.”

Support agents like Andrea are available Monday through Friday during regular business hours. For more information on MakerBot’s products, or if you’d like to reach a Support Agent today, visit the MakerBot Support page!