MakerBot Talks with About Bringing Design into the 21st Century

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It’s no secret: desktop 3D printing is a powerful tool for professionals. With a MakerBot Desktop 3D printer close at hand, engineers and designers can quickly explore, iterate, and validate a greater number of designs at lower costs than ever before.

In an recent interview with, MakerBot’s Head of Experience Design, Mark Palmer, talked about how close access to 3D printers transform the design experience. “When the printer is near you—when you have your own system… staring at you all the time it’s kind of beckoning you to design and print more. It takes out a lot of the different steps or possible points of failure in the process, with things like external service bureaus or the unpredictability of having a shared printer where you never quite know if it’s going to be available when you need it.” also highlighted MakerBot Tough PLA in an interview with Project Manager Cedric Kovaks-Johnson, who discussed combining the functional properties of ABS with the safety and reliability of PLA. “Everything we did was tested in terms of reliability and functionality. So, first of all, it had to meet the criteria of PLA printability, but it also had to work like ABS from a mechanical standpoint,” said Kovaks-Johnson. As he noted, Tough PLA is machinable so it can be threaded for screws, making it especially useful for assemblies. That quality was something home security provider Canary took advantage of when prototyping designs for their latest product, the Canary Flex.

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