Get a Full Tour of 3D Design Programs from a MakerBot Expert


3D design gives you the freedom to easily add depth and dimension to your biggest ideas. Knowing how to design files correctly helps you bring ideas to life faster. When you have accurate 3D design files from the start, it’s easier to assess your design work and discover ways to improve upon your ideas. When it comes to creating and downloading 3D files, there are lots of free programs, methods, and options to choose from. To help you choose which methods will work best for you, we present two free 3D design webinars hosted by Drew Lentz, a 3D design expert on the MakerBot Learning Team.

In the webinar Top Free 3D Design Programs, listeners get a bird’s eye view of 3D printing. You’ll learn about scanning 3D files, downloading files from Thingiverse, and creating your own 3D designs. You’ll also get a run-down on free, popular software programs to learn which is best for your needs.

If you’re more advanced in your 3D design skills, then the 3D Design Tips and Tricks webinar is for you. In this talk, Lentz gives expert guidance for preparing files to 3D print. Listen in and discover great methods for optimizing overhangs, setting build plate orientations, controlling print-in-place assemblies, and more.

Begin your tour through 3D design with our Top Free 3D Design Programs, or dive right into advanced techniques with the 3D Design Tips and Tricks Webinar.