Meet MakerBot at ISTE 2016 in Denver, CO

2016 iste_blogheader4

MakerBot is proud to attend one of the biggest education events of the year. At the annual ISTE Conference & Expo more than 18,000 educators, educational leaders, and key innovators gather to share groundbreaking ideas, discover new learning technologies, and collaborate.

There, we invite you to visit our booth (#3743) where you can dive into the MakerBot Experience for educators and learn how to use 3D printing in the classroom. Additionally, our Senior Director Erin Arden will give a presentation on 3D printing startup culture on Tuesday, June 28 at 12:30 p.m.

In her talk, Erin will explore how 3D printing can uniquely stimulate creative thinking, collaboration, and innovation. As new technologies continue to change our economy and the job market, educators are looking for new ways to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow. The iterative nature of 3D printing teaches the very foundations of entrepreneurial thinking —it requires students to learn from failure and adapt quickly to a changing environment. Through this presentation, Erin will also discuss how 3D printing can be used in the classroom and what tools and resources are available for teachers.

We’re excited to be at ISTE and hope to see you next week!