3D Design Made Easy: 3D Slash App Launches on Thingiverse


Learning 3D design software can be daunting for those who are just getting started with 3D printing. Luckily, there are a range of software solutions available that make it easy to take the first steps. 3D Slash is one of them and they just launched their first app on Thingiverse, allowing anyone to easily customize or create Things right within Thingiverse. The app offers a unique interface with a set of tools that allow users to build or modify 3D models by subtracting or adding a variety of cube shapes in a fun and game-like way. The app also offers advanced features, such as allowing users to import a 2D picture as a template for their 3D modeling creations.

Sylvain Huet, founder and CEO of 3D Slash, adds: “We were very excited to work on this first STL customizer app that takes advantage of the new Thingiverse Developer Program. It will allow all users of Thingiverse to express their creativity on the many available designs, and to enter the new world of co-creation.”

3D Slash is being used for a variety of uses, including design thinking, prototyping, scale modeling and digital entertainment. Because it is so easy to use, 3D Slash is particularly popular with educators and students. “I found 3D Slash a while ago and decided to give it a shot for my 2nd graders,” said Andy McKean Lower School Technology Coordinator, Phoenix Country Day School, AZ. “The kids love working with it. Those with Minecraft experience took right to it, and those without picked up most of the tools in a short amount of time. Overall, this has been the perfect tool for this level of student so far.”

Being able to access 3D Slash right within Thingiverse streamlines the 3D printing process and avoids having to transfer files between different platforms. Users can upload their creations from the 3D Slash app straight to their Thingiverse cloud library and print them through MakerBot Desktop.

3D Slash is the latest app to launch on Thingiverse as part of the new Thingiverse Developer Program. KIRI:MOTO, a cloud-based 3D slicer tool, is another app that recently became available on Thingiverse. Stay tuned for more apps to come!