Sign Up Now for Updates on the MakerBot Thingiverse Developer Program


Thingiverse is the world’s largest online 3D printing design community and has become the go-to place on the Internet for anyone interested in 3D design and 3D printing. What makes Thingiverse special is the active community of contributors behind it. At MakerBot, we have big plans to empower this community to become even more engaged.

To that end, we will be rolling out an enhanced developer program in the near future to enable developers to integrate new tools and services into Thingiverse. We are providing access to more data and are opening up more possibilities for our partners and users. This is your community, and you can help make it better by defining the future of Thingiverse and 3D printing as a whole.

If you have ideas about an application, a mobile application, or a new feature, we want to hear from you. In rolling out the Developer Program, we are concentrating on three important aspects to make it as accessible as possible.

1.    We’re extending functionality to build new features for designers and end users
2.    We’re enabling customization, print fulfillment, and 3D modeling utilities on Thing pages
3.    And we’re bringing in  developer tools, so you can develop in a sandboxed environment supported by rewritten documentation

We’re renewing our commitment to developers because we know that empowering our community to be even more creative is the best way to improve the Thingiverse experience. If you’re interested in developing Thingiverse apps and want to contribute to a rapidly expanding community of designers, engineers, makers, and enthusiasts, sign up here for more information.