The Winners of the #WeNeedaMakerBot Giveaway


MakerBot threw down the #WeNeedaMakerBot giveaway contest and schools lit up the Internet with one inspiring story after another. To every school that participated, we celebrate you and all that you do for your students. After totalling up the likes, shares, and tweets, the results are in. Here are the winning schools and how each will be using their free 3D printer. A refurbished Replicator® Desktop 3D Printer is on its way!


Nancy Elementary in Nancy, Kentucky

“The students at Nancy Elementary are going to be ecstatic to learn that they are the proud owners of their very own MakerBot. They can use their engineering and design skills to bring their ideas to life. What a wonderful opportunity to have in our elementary school! Students will also have the opportunity to cut down on a constraint in our lab—having enough pieces to build their robots while in the STEM lab. They will now be able to duplicate our building pieces using the MakerBot 3D printer. Every child deserves to take part in working with current technology that will and continue to change our world. Thank you to MakerBot for opening up new doors for our students!” —Karla Johnson, Project Lead the Way Teacher.

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Sierra Middle School in Roswell, New Mexico

“Hands-on instruction is the best way to support active, engaged learning in the classroom; with a Makerbot printer students will be able to create canisters for their payloads while supplying a plethora of scientific and mathematical stimulus that will keep students inspired during the learning process.” —Kathleen Arias, Middle School Science Teacher.

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Apex School in Apex, NC

“Imagine the classroom as a laboratory that has everything you need to build anything you can imagine. All you need to do is bring an idea and we have the technology to bring it to fruition. This is the vision we have for Apex High School. The Makerbot is the exact tool we need to achieve our vision.” —Ian Sands, Fine Arts Teacher.

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Valley Christian in Cerritos, CA

“Valley Christian High School students are thrilled to use our new MakerBot to bless our students and others. We have been talking about joining the Enable community to print prosthetic hands for children in need, and now we can… thank you MakerBot!” —Rob Dominik, Team Administrator for VCHS Robotics.

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Moving Forward

MakerBot congratulates the winners and thanks every school that participated. Hopefully through your posts and the support in your community, you’ve shined a light on what your school is aspiring to achieve with 3D printing. No matter how you did in the contest, if you’ve moved one step closer, however large or small, that’s a win.