MakerBot at CES 2015 | The Growing MakerBot Ecosystem


It’s time for the annual International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and MakerBot is there. Back in 2014, we brought three new MakerBot Replicator 3D Printers to market, plus we launched numerous other initiatives including MakerBot Desktop, MakerBot Mobile and MakerBot PrintShop. We also launched the MakerBot Digital Store, brought on licensed partners, and more.

But for 2015, says MakerBot CEO Jenny Lawton, we’re purposefully not introducing any new 3D printers at CES. Instead, we’re “focusing our efforts on creating the most comprehensive 3D Ecosystem to support our customers. 3D printing is not simple. It is not plug-and-play. 3D printing takes work and takes software and hardware that make it work. We are focused on improving the overall 3D printing process to make it easier and more accessible for everyone.”

We know there is a lot of hype around 3D printing. So, in 2015, we’re telling the story of the growing MakerBot 3D Ecosystem. Our 2014 generation of printers will be there, of course, but we’re also going to showcase how “educators, businesses, and real users have incorporated MakerBot 3D printing into their daily work and lives,” says Jenny.

If you’re at CES 2015 this week, stop by the MakerBot Booth at #72711, located in the Sands Expo Convention Center, CES Tech West.

We’d love to show you some live demos and talk about what’s next.

The Growing MakerBot 3D Ecosystem
The large and growing platform currently includes hardware, like 3D printers and scanners; software, like MakerBot Desktop, MakerBot Mobile, and MakerBot PrintShop; solutions like the MakerBot Innovation Centers; services like MakerBot Learning; and in depth support options including tutorials, quick tips, and the MakerBot MakerCare Protection Plan.

That’s a lot, but there’s room for more. At CES 2015, we’ll be talking about:

-New MakerBot PLA Composite Filament
-New MakerBot Solutions & Services
-New and upgraded MakerBot apps
-New MakerBot partnerships

MakerBot PLA Composite Filaments
Enter the new line of MakerBot PLA Composite Filaments, created in three categories: Metal, Stone, and Wood. These beautiful, realistic, and highly stabilized materials are slated to be released in late 2015, but we’ll be showcasing select prints at CES 2015 so you can see the many potential uses for these great materials.


With these new materials, the potential of the swappable MakerBot Replicator Smart Extruder will start to be realized. In just minutes, you will be able to swap in a new extruder optimized for these innovative filaments. Then you will be ready to create prototypes that look and feel like the real thing so that you can accelerate Real-Time Prototyping—without purchasing a new 3D printer!

Browse MakerBot Filaments

MakerBot Professional Services
MakerBot has been working hard to add to the services arm of the MakerBot 3D Ecosystem. We’re starting the new year by introducing a collection of offerings designed to help consumers and professionals alike.

 –3D Design Services by MakerBot: Obtain master-level 3D design services for your important 3D printable content.
 –MakerBot 3D Printed Products: Our team of experts quickly and reliably 3D print 50 – 100,000 of your products, models, or parts.
 –MakerBot Learning: Get up and running faster with hands-on, creative, and collaborative sessions taught by knowledgeable MakerBot 3D printing experts.
 –Consulting from MakerBot: Receive unparalleled expertise to help you lead the way in the Next Industrial Revolution.

New and Upgraded Apps

In the first quarter of 2015, it will be easier than ever to remotely monitor and print. Upgrades to MakerBot Mobile for iPhone and Android will let you preview digital files for 3D printing, prepare files for 3D printing, and start a 3D print while monitoring its progress, all from your mobile device.

Download MakerBot Mobile

The new MakerBot Innovation Center Management Platform helps maximize the value and efficiency of your MakerBot Innovation Center with a seamless solution for managing large groups — as many as 30 -100 — of Fifth Generation MakerBot Replicator 3D Printers.

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MakerBot Partnerships

We love finding creative companies and organizations eager to create new things for our customers, and at CES 2015 we’re showcasing some fun and engaging projects that demonstrate the power of Real-Time Prototyping with MakerBot Replicator 3D Printers.

MakerBot Digital Store x Martha Stewart: The recently launched Martha Stewart for MakerBot Digital Store Trellis Collection is a popular download for many MakerBot customers. At CES 2015, MakerBot and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia will provide a sneak peek at some prototypes for potential future collections.
MakerBot Thingiverse x GE FirstBuild: Engineering and 3D printing enthusiasts hacked the refrigerator as part of the Icebox Challenge, a MakerBot and GE FirstBuild collaboration. Winners will be announced and designs showcased at the CES 2015 MakerBot booth.
MakerBot x The Foundry: The MakerBot Kit for MODO is the first ever 3D app integrated into MakerBot’s Cloud Library and MakerBot Thingiverse to provide access to The Foundry’s MODO 801’s easy-to-use content creation package.

Come Visit – We Can’t Wait to Meet You
CES is a hub of ingenuity and exciting ideas. It’s a great place to kick off the new year, discuss where we’re headed, and celebrate how real users use the MakerBot 3D Ecosystem to incorporate 3D printing into their workflow, save time and money, and inspire a whole new generation of innovators.

Again, if you’re at CES, please come visit us at booth #72711, located in the Sands Expo Center, CES Tech West.

We can’t wait to meet you.