MakerBot Academy | Will You Make It to the White House


MakerBot Academy and the White House have been encouraging innovation among American youths in an effort to create Makers out of the next generation, with a focus on STEM-based curriculums. MakerBot’s mission to put a MakerBot Desktop 3D Printer in every school in the U.S. is well aligned with the White House’s interests in seeing more designers, inventors, and artists emerge from our nation’s educational system.

The spirit of creativity was evident at the White House Maker Faire, an exhibition of remarkable stories of Makers like last year’s winner Joey Hudy, the 16-year old inventor whose homemade air-powered marshmallow launcher landed him an internship with Dell.

Submit You Own Invention
This year, the White House Maker Faire is back and looking for your contributions to the Maker movement. Fill out the official form, send pictures and videos of your projects to, or use #IMadeThis on Twitter. From students, to entrepreneurs, to first time inventors, anyone can submit their creations or projects for consideration.

Need Some Inspiration?
MakerBot has been providing the tools to students and entrepreneurs to create amazing things. Life changing inventions like Robohand have opened up a world of affordable prosthetics that was previously unimaginable, while startups like Kisi have used 3D printing as tenet of their success.

Now you too can share the story of how you’ve been innovating with your MakerBot 3D Printer. Click here to submit your application to have your MakerBot 3D printed innovation showcased at the White House. Like Joey Hudy says, “don’t be bored, make something!”