MakerBot Retail | New Stores in Boston, MA and Greenwich, CT

If you live in or have visited New York City, you’ve probably been to the MakerBot® Retail Store in Manhattan to experience the magic of desktop 3D printing first-hand. Now, residents of Boston, MA and Greenwich, CT have that same opportunity.


Boston: With the MakerBot DeLorean in front of the store:


Greenwich: With the MakerBot Rally Fighter in front of the store.

Just in Time for the Holidays
We’re proud to announce the opening of two new MakerBot Retail Stores. The first will open in Greenwich on November 22nd at 72 Greenwich Avenue, and the second in Boston on November 21st  at 144 Newbury Street. You’ll find our stores filled with unique holiday gift ideas, from our MakerBot® Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner and MakerBot® Desktop 3D Printers, to a wide variety of 3D printed goodies perfect for stuffing your stockings.

MakerBot Store Giveaway
Starting today, you can enter to win a free MakerBot® Replicator® 2 Desktop 3D Printer at our Boston and Greenwich MakerBot Retail Stores. Just stop by the store to enter the giveaway. See the full contest rules here.

3D Services and Exciting Events
MakerBot Retail Stores are also your destination for 3D printing-related events, including inspirational speakers and educational tutorials covering the 3D printing workflow top-to-bottom.

That’s not all: starting in December, we’ll be introducing an in-store 3D printing service and a 3D photo booth!

Don’t miss out this Holiday Season: find the MakerBot Retail Store near you.