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Introducing Verified Prints
We’ve recently launched our Verified Prints program. We’ve been sorting through Thingiverse, testing and pre-slicing files to curate the designs that will give you an easy, high-quality print every time. Load these prepped files directly onto an SD card and print beautifully in PLA on your MakerBot® Replicator® 2 Desktop 3D Printer. We looked for designs without too many parts, too much hassle to assemble, any glitches or unexpected errors, and that don’t take a lot of monitoring to ensure perfection when printing.

From now on, whenever you see the black MakerBot Verified Files button on a Thing page, you can click into the MakerBot Verified tab to download pre-sliced .x3g files. You’ll also recognize the files as you’re exploring Thingiverse by the red check mark symbol. You can easily access a collection of all the Verified Files here.

Why Verified Prints
Experimental works-in-progress are a key part of what makes Thingiverse amazing, and that aspect of the site will continue to grow and thrive. But we know there are those of you in the community who are just getting started or don’t want to spend the time experimenting with the more challenging designs on the site. You just want to download and print – that’s what MakerBot Verified Files are about. While we’re starting with just over 75 files, we have begun testing and adding more Verified Files to more Thing pages.
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Keep an eye out for them. Happy printing!