Thingiverse | Birdhouse Challenge Winners


We’ve received an incredible number of #Birdhouse Challenge entries during the past month. More than 160 designs on Thingiverse are tagged “birdhouse!” And we are excited to present the winning entries. Also, birds around the world should rejoice.

The decision wasn’t easy. Every one of the 160 designs showed an incredible amount of design and innovation. Our judges scrutinized each on three factors: functionality, creativity, and printability. We’ve made so many printouts that we’re considering starting an Official MakerBot Aviary.

Our three winners stood out from the flock. First, Second, and Third place winners each get spools of MakerBot PLA filament and have their designs displayed in the MakerBot Store at 298 Mulberry Street in NYC. The First Place design will be featured on Thingiverse and its creator will receive his very own Eggbot! Congratulations to all our participants, and all our winners:


The American Craftsman Bungalow Birdhouse by ErikJDurwoodII

So much for this being a house for birds – many of us would like to live there. Though it took about 20 hours to print, the resulting model was flawless. Make sure to stop by the MakerBot store if you’re in NYC and check it out.

Printed in True White MakerBot PLA filament



Birdhouse Rook, Castle Tower by Valcrow

With a bird bath on top, plenty of ventilation, and a rain channel, this chess-inspired birdhouse thoroughly impressed our judges. It’s sure to make any tree look especially regal.

Printed in True Blue MakerBot PLA filament



Nested Birdhouse by Gyrobot

Who wouldn’t be impressed by a print-in-place, expandable birdhouse? This model prints all in one piece and then unfolds to create this layered bird house!

Printed in True Red MakerBot PLA filament



Honorable mentions go to:

“Birdhaus” High End Birdhouse Design by Doodle_Monkey

Robins Birdhouse by DaleUK

Google Maps Pin Birdhouse by wgss

But of course, let’s not forget that the birds are the real winners here.


If you want to print some birdhouses of your own, stop by our online store. We’re celebrating our winners with a special offer. From 7/19 through 7/26, when you buy one spool of filament, you get 15% off the second. Just use the promotional code ‘BIRDHOUSE’. Happy printing!

Which birdhouse did you like best? Tell us in comments.